Other Buendia Production Projects

“Crossing the Lines” -- Three half-hour video programs on human diversity issues (in association with Bright Productions). A stand-up comedy routine performed by Eli Reyna, mixed with comments by human relations experts creates a great conversation starter on otherwise difficult subjects.  Distributed nationally by Sunburst Communications. 1997.

“Stop In Your Tracks: Alternatives to Violence” –- Three videos for teenagers, produced in association with Orange County Human Relations Council, illustrates and teaches skill development to avoid violence. It comes with a nine-hour curricula for classroom activities. National distribution to middle and high schools by Concept Media. 1998

“Basic Mediation Training” -- In association with Orange County Human Relations Council, Buendía Productions developed a four-video series to train professional mediators on a variety of issues. Not available at this time. 1997

“M&M Reponse MTV Public Service Announcement” -- This PSA aired during the Emmy Awards in response to M&M’s anti-gay and anti-women lyrics. It shows three teenage girls at a music store. A girl wearing a shirt that reads “Girl Power” is challenged by her friend on her choice of music. “These lyrics are pretty offensive to women. If you’re going to buy this, don’t wear that.” 2001

“What Do You See?” -- A human relations training program on stereotyping, including four large posters and a video, for middle and high schools. National distribution by Sunburst Communications. 1999

“Shadows Between Friends” -- Author of a 30-minute 16 mm film, co-produced and co-sponsored by Anti-Defamation League (New York) and Chapman University. The topic is racism and is distributed by the ADL to high schools nationally. 1990

“Cultural Reflections: A View From Across the Border” – Producers of a 20 minute documentary on Mexican and American interpersonal perceptions, videotaped in Orange and LA Counties and Mexico City. The documentary won the Bronze medal at the International Film and Video Festival of New York, 1990.

“Encrucijada” (Crossroads) – Producers of a short film in Spanish about a family who has been victim of fraud. It was produced by the Orange County Human Relations Commission and the Orange County District Attorney. National Distribution by Concept Media. Year

Inglés Sin Barreras – Producer of half-hour infomercials (mini-novelas) and 30 seconds commercials for national and international audiences to sell English training videos.  Most of these commercial feature famous Latin American actors and they have been shown throughout the United States, Spain and Latin America.