Buendía Productions develops educational materials, documentaries, training videos, media campaigns, television ads, PSA’s  and multi-media projects for businesses and organizations to promote education, civic engagement, respect and equality.  

Eli Reyna is a human relations promoter and a TV/film producer with Buendia Productions.  Mr. Reyna was the Community Building and Marketing Director for the Human Relations Commission where he worked since 1991.  In 1994, Mr. Reyna co-founded Buendia Productions and has developed a variety of academic and human relations videos and training materials on stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, racism, cultural competency and mediation. 

Mr. Reyna has been a leading voice on hate crime issues and was appointed to the California Civil Rights Commission on Hate Crimes with California Attorney General Bill Lockyer in 2002.  During the last 20 years,  Mr. Reyna’s workshops and conferences on human relations and social justice issues have reached people in many communities, universities and colleges in the U.S., Mexico, Peru and Spain. 

Currently, Mr. Reyna is in the process of developing Ponte las Pilas Now, a project in Spanish to build capacity in the Latino community.  Also, Mr. Reyna is about to release Gang Intervention Mediation, a three-video series being developed in association with the University of California Irvine.

Other recent projects include:

What's Up With Adults?   
40 Years of Human Relations in Orange County
and over 100 videos for OC Human Relations.

A Very Important Project

“Psychotherapy With Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Clients” – Writers/Editors/Producers of a seven-video training series for therapists and psychology students at the graduate level. The series includes the first video ever on Bisexuality and was shown at the convention of the American Psychological Association. The series is being used in over 1800 universities and colleges in the U.S. Canada, Japan Australia and Europe.  Award-Winner at the Western Psychological Association Convention. Second edition, 2005 

The series is available at Psychotherapy.net